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What does DoRO™ offer you?

Your raw water may contain any or all of the following impurities:
• Physical impurities like suspended solids, silt, turbidity etc.
• Chemical (dissolved) impurities like hardness, salinity, Iron, Silica etc.
• Biological impurities like bacteria, virus etc…
DoRo controls the level of all these impurities, to make your water suitable for human consumption. The product from DoRo confirms to W.H.O standards for drinking water.

How is DoRO™ better suited for you?
DoRO™ combines the advantages of all other types of water treatment products available in the market. It provides you with a “holistic” approach to water treatment, covering a very broad spectrum of impurity levels and their control.
DoRO™ has been conceptualized by AIMS, which has tremendous experience in design and engineering of industrial water treatment plants, where sustained output (quality and quantity) is an important criterion. DoRO™ carries this experience in its design and conceptualization to give you a “rugged product” that can handle variations.
DoRO™ is backed up by “true and available” service, not just on paper. A preventive maintenance schedule automatically covers each DoRO™ and a separate team is in place to undertake this. Thus DoRO™ give you better engineering, better sustenance and better service backup. To be the best, is but a step away, when we “walk the talk”.
Know your DoRO™:
It is very easy to understand what comprises your DoRO™.Broadly, it has the following important components:
Antiscalant - To prevent scaling and fouling of the membranes and to give long life
Micron Filter (DoRO™ ECO) - Control of suspended matter, turbidity and silt
Pre Filter (DoRO™ SPARKLE) - Control of suspended matter, turbidity and silt
Activated Carbon Cartridge - Control of organics, oxidative compounds and color
Sediment Filter Cartridge - Fine control of suspended fines and colloidal impurities
Pumps-2 (DoRO™EXCEL) - To provide the required pressure for reverse osmosis to take place
Membranes-5(DoRO™EXCEL) - To give you the product water from raw water
Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon - To give the final drinking water with good taste and no odor
Low pressure switch - To protect your system, in case you switch it on without water supply.The motor will not run in dry condition.
Auto flush - To keep your membrane in a clean condition, the system flushes itself.
System - Filtration, scale control and RO
Optimum product - 10 liters/hour –DoRO™ ECO,50 liters/hour –DoRO™ EXCEL
Storing Capacity - 10 liters/hour –DoRO™ SPARKLE
Pump power - 48 v DC
Maximum continuous operation - 8 hours
Flushing arrangement - Automatic flush provided
Start up arrangement - Direct flow when switched on
What does DoRO™ remove?
99.9% bacteria, pesticides, herbicides
99.9% turbidity, haziness, suspended matter
99.9% most of the heavy metals in water
98% lead, nickel.
92 to 97% of other ions in water (sodium, chloride, potassium, nitrates etc...)
REDUCES T.D.S to permissible levels of drinking water
REDUCES HARSNESS to permissible levels of drinking water
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