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Do you process large quantities of raw water, say > 15 m3/hr and up to 1000 m3/hr?
Do you have cumbersome, massive, filtration systems?
Do you want to avoid long downtime for maintenance, complex and cumbersome procedures in maintenance? problems viz.. Mud balls, channeling effects, ineffective filtration, inefficient filtration, large backwash volume….
Are you looking for better filtration options / augmentation options?

AIMS have answers and in fact has three of them:

1. AIMS can design, engineer and supply membrane based systems, including nano filtration for recovery of brine and its subsequent re-use in the process.  However, this answer has restrictions  you can use it only when you use salt in your dyeing and not Globar salt (Sodium sulphate). And, we are yet to have qualified, authentic data on the actual sustainability of this process for this application.

2. AIMS, in collaboration with ELECTROPROCESSORS, Pune, offer the radical concept of EADOx process. EADOx is revolutionary in that, it removes TOC

and color and makes it possible for the dye bath effluent to be mixed with pre-dye and post-dye washes and taken to the integrated treatment facility.  EADOx is modular, occupies very less area, consumes far lesser power than other means, does not generate “rejects” as in membrane separation process and is very easy to operate and maintain

3. And, we have the powerful concept of SIGMAA E. As described elsewhere in our profile, SIGMAA E just evaporates your dye bath and greatly reduces the volume which we are handling. 80% evaporation is guaranteed. We also have phase II of the process, which involves a further reduction of 50%, thus making it 90% - 95% evaporation. SIGMAA E is ideal if you want an one-stop solution for your dye bath treatment.

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