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Re 1 Levy On Bottled Water To Pay For Supply To Urban Poor
Source :   Business Line City :  Mumbai Published Date :   09-07-2010  

Maharashtra is considering a levy of Re 1 on every unit of packaged drinking water sold in the State. With 800 crore bottles sold annually in the State according to the water supply department estimate, the Government stands to earn Rs 800 crore from this levy every year.

The levy collected could be ploughed into public water works as well as into supply of water to the urban poor, said the Maharashtra Minister for Water Supply and Sanitation Department, Mr Laxmanrao Dhoble......

Nod For Drinking Water Projects Worth Rs 300 Cr
Source :   Express Buzz City :  Thiruvananthapuram Published Date :   09-07-2010  

Water Resources Minister N K Premachandran said that administrative sanction had been granted to various drinking water projects worth Rs 300 crore in the current fiscal.

Replying to the discussion on demand for grants in the Assembly on Tuesday, he said that it was for the first time that such a huge amount was being sanctioned under the state plan......

Less Water For Farming, More For Drinking
Source :   The Hindu City :  Jaipur Published Date :   09-07-2010  

Rajasthan is trying to reduce its water consumption in agriculture while ensuring productivity. The farm sector consumes as much as 83 per cent of the available water in this arid State and even a five per cent reduction in water use can help mitigate the drinking water problem in thousands of villages, it is pointed out. The initiative has come from the Rajasthan Planning Board.

“The State is facing a severe water crisis and we have to look for best use of the available water. As irrigation claims the bulk of the water consumed in the State, there is ample scope for saving some for drinking purposes,” says Prof. V. S. Vyas, Deputy Chairman of the Planning Board, who recently brought together experts and officials of agriculture and irrigation for rationalisation of water use. Dr. Samra, Director of the Rainfed Agriculture Development Authority, and agriculture expert R. S. Paroda also attended the meeting......

Residents Flay Supply Of Contaminated Water
Source :   The Hindu City :  Virudhunagar Published Date :   09-07-2010  

Residents of ward 21 of Virudhunagar town have complained of sewage mixing with drinking water supplied through pipeline.

The residents fumed that drinking water was being supplied only two times a month in the town. And even that little water was not usable for any purpose, a resident said......

1,768 Potable Water Samples Unfit
Source :   Pioneer City :  Delhi Published Date :   09-07-2010  

More than 50,000 people fall prey to contaminated potable water in the Capital every year. According to the Health Department of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi MCD, the number of people who were caught by various waterborne diseases due to the consumption of impure water was 53,956 in 2007 while the number increased up to 59,065 by 2009. The response to a query made by Councillor Vijay Prakash Pandey also shows there has been alarming increase in number of contaminated samples collected by the civic body. It also said the number of unfit water samples was between 1,000-1,200 in 2007 and 2008 but in 2009, 2,345 cases of adulterated water samples were reported......

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