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Wastewater Recycling, A Must
Source :   The Hindu City :  Bangalore Published Date :   26-03-2011  

Wastewater Recycling, Must

As apartments spring up in all parts of the city and the availability of water being limited, it is imperative that certain steps be put in place for the safe and sustainable management of water and sanitation......

Water Matters
Source :   The Hindu City :  Chennai Published Date :   19-03-2011  

Water Matters

Water's scarce and getting costlier… so sustainability is a key concern. But there are solutions at hand, as the Chennai water expo shows. S. S. KUMAR reports.....

It ‘Well' Plays A Major Role
Source :   The Hindu City :  Bangalore Published Date :   12-03-2011  

It ‘Well' Plays a Major Role
Open wells talk to us and communicate many things. Now they tell us that summer is approaching with the lowering of the levels, and therefore to use water sparingly, says S. Vishwanath

The open well is one of the oldest hydraulic inventions of mankind dating back to the Harappan civilisation and beyond. In Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh, there is a well which is over 2,300 years old and still has water in it. In Dholavira, Gujarat, beautiful old open wells lined with brickwork still exist......

New Water Projects For 14 Haryana Towns
Source :   The Hindu City :  Chandigarh Published Date :   21-08-2010  

The Haryana Government has taken up a project under the Economic Stimulus Package to provide 100 per cent coverage of water supply and sewerage facilities in 14 towns, an official spokesman said here on Monday.

The towns are Ambala City, Assandh, Bhiwani, Charkhi Dadri, Fatehabad, Hansi, Kalayat, Kaithal, Mahendergarh, Narnaul, Sirsa, Ellenabad, Tohana and Uchana......

Ensure Adequate Drinking Water For Delhi: Court
Source :   The Hindu City :  Delhi Published Date :   21-08-2010  

Reminding the obligations of a welfare state, the Delhi High Court on Wednesday directed the Delhi Chief Secretary to convene a meeting of the various agencies concerned to chalk out a plan to ensure adequate and safe drinking water supply in the Capital.

A Division Bench of the Court comprising Justice Dipak Misra and Justice Manmohan passed the direction on public interest litigation by an advocate submitting that the Delhi Jal Board had failed to supply adequate drinking water in the Shahdara area of East Delhi......

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