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Owner Refutes Subdolem Plant Contaminating Area  
Source:   Herald City   : Chennai Published On   06-11-2009  


The owner of the fish processing plant at Subdolem in Balli village has refuted reports that the activity has left the area contaminated and expressed his willingness to implement all measures suggested by the Goa Pollution Control Board.

In another development, some residents of Subdolem and Cordem have petitioned to the District Collector stating that there is no basis to the complaint file by former MLA Prakash Velip and others against the unit.
Briefing newsmen, partners of Sagar fish processing unit Kanta Naik and Arun Naik said the activity is non polluting, but pointed out that they are willing to implement any pollution control measures suggested by the Goa Pollution Control Board.

“We are carrying out the activity of cleaning the fish and exporting the same to Sri Lanka and other states. The waste is transported to Mangalore for drying”, Arun Naik said, and wondered how the activity can lead to contamination of the water sources.

Replying to a question, he said the unit has dug soakpits for disposal of waste disposal, adding that the unit will not mind setting up an Effluent Treatment plant if required.
Meanwhile, former deputy Sarpanch of Balli Panchayat, Bamtu Velip and others have petitioned to the Collector stating that the complaint filed by some handful of people is without any basis and with malafide intention.
Velip pointed out that the wells in the village are not affected in any way by the functioning of the fish factory.

Claiming that the water is not contaminated at all, Velip said the question of water contamination of any well does not arise at all since the wells are located more than a kilometer away from the factory. “The cattle stock from the village is not affected by the factory. There are no cases of death of any cattle due to any bye-products or waste from the fish unit. This fact can be ascertained from the health authorities”, he asserted.


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