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Contaminated Drinking Water Bottle  
Source:   India Environment Portal City   : Sivasagar Published On   11-11-2009  


After the finding of a contaminated drinking water bottle manufactured by Tirupati Water Industries and the subsequent ultimatum by AASU to ban the sale of drinking water bottles manufactured by the company, authorities of the company has appealed to the student’s body to withdraw their proposed agitation against the company.

Earlier, AASU had given an ultimatum to the administration to ban the sale of Dew Drops brand of packaged drinking water manufactured by the company, failing which it had threatened to initiate a series of agitation against the company from Monday last.

In a letter addressed to the president and secretary of Sivasagar District AASU, Gopal Prasad Joshi, Managing Partner of the company, while apologizing to the company for the misunderstanding, stated that their intention was not to disregard the organizational value of AASU.

The manufacturer of the pure drinking water bottles had earlier labelled allegations against the AASU of asking for money from the company to conceal the impure water bottle found by the organization.

In the letter, the company has urged the AASU to inspect their plant and to bring an expert team of water engineering for upgrading of their plant. It also stated that it would make the required modifications as per the advice of the student’s body.

“Our industry is employing more than 60 persons who have been picked up from the local areas and closing down of the industry would definitely harm their livelihoods. The industry has various loans and has an investment of more than 1.4 crore rupees. Closure of the industry shall pave the way for bankruptcy of the entrepreneurs as well as discourage the spirit of entrepreneurship in our area”, the letter stated.

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