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Overflowing Sewerage Water Enter Govt Houses  
Source:   Express News Service City   : Jammu Published On   28-12-2009  


Filthy water flowed out of the blocked main sewerage pipe in government quarters of Block-M at Top Sherkhania today, causing a lot of inconvenience to residents as water entered their houses.

The stagnant sewerage water emitted stink in the whole block and made hellish situation for the residents. These quarter, which starts from block-A to block-Y, are for darbar move employees, and are maintained by the Estates Department.

The residents of these quarters have expressed resentment over the callous attitude of the Estates Department towards the poor repair and maintenance of these houses.

Expressing resentment against the department, the residents alleged that despite their complaints to the Director Estates nothing had been done so far.

Parveen Akhtar of Block-M said: “Sewerage water entered the entire house. Stink spread in the house, making life impossible for us.”

Residents alleged that every year the Estates Departments got funds from the government for renovation, but conditions had not improved.

Pointing towards blocked drains and scattered garbage in the building complex, the residents said sweepers of the Estates Department had failed to maintain sanitation here as they worked once in a week.

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