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Municipal Corporation Suggests Fire Brigade To Source Water From Bore Wells  
Source:   DNA City   : Mumbai Published On   02-01-2010  



Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) has suggested the Fire Brigade to make use of water from bore wells and dug wells as part of its fire fighting operations.

"Currently, as we are facing acute financial and water crisis so we have asked fire department to make use of bore well and dug well, as part of their fire fighting operations, instead of buying water mist extinguishers now," a civic official said.

"Making use of water from bore wells and dug wells is a cost effective way of saving both water and funds," the official said. The city has 33 fire stations and they have been asked to dig their own bore wells at the earliest.

Fire department had proposed to the MCGM to buy water mist fire extinguishers as they are better equipped to fight fire and require 80 per cent less water than normal fire-fighting equipment.

"It is less likely to purchase the water mist extinguishers this time as they are expensive and needs to be imported," a fire official said.

Water mist fire extinguisher creates no risk to the occupants or damage to surrounding equipment. It is electrically non-conductive and is well suited to stop fire in early stages of development. The unique misting nozzle provides safety from electrical shock.

MCGM plans to save at least 40 lakh liters of potable water till the next monsoon and has asked the fire department to tap into alternative sources of water like bore wells and dig wells to fulfil its water requirement.

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