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BMC To Instal Large Filters On Borewells  
Source:   The times of India City   : Mumbai Published On   02-10-2009  


Faced with an unprecedented water crisis, the BMC is considering different options to be able to sail smoothly next year. Not only has it cleaned and repaired its borewells and dug wells, but it will also set up filtration plants at those spots.


According to officials, the wells will be connected to these large filters, which are like largescale Aquaguard units. These would help filter out impurities and dirt from water extracted from wells and will benefit the areas that are located at a height where water with low pressure (due to the existing 15% water cut) does not reach.

Additional municipal commissioner Anil Diggikar said, "We have already started the work of cleaning and repairing different types of wells in the city and once they are cleaned, we will connect them to the filters.''

The filters will be of a capacity of 4,000 to 5,000 litres each, there is a chance that wells may have more than one filter plant connected to them, depending on the capacity of the wells. The overall cost for these plants will be between Rs 2 lakh and Rs 5 lakh. A budgetary provision of Rs 48 crore has already been made for the repairs of borewells in the city.

Meanwhile, the water stock in all the six lakes that supply water to the city is 9.3 lakh million litres as opposed to 13.2 lakh million litres last year this time.

Apart from these filters, desalination plants and sewage treatment plants are also being planned as a long-term measure to provide water for non-potable use.

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