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Plans On For A Pollution-free Upvan Lake  
Source:   The Times of India City   : Thane Published On   12-10-2009  


The TMC is busy working towards cleaning several lakes in the city, as part of its lake beautification project. One of the lakes selected as part of the project is Upvan Lake. As part of the cleaning work, the TMC plans to divert the waste water and drain water to the nearby nallah to free the lake of pollution.

The lake, which is located at the base of Yeoor Hills, is dying because of the increased pollution levels. The lake was selected as one out of 13 lakes in the city that need a makeover. The TMC had spent Rs 2.3 crore to restore the lakes, with the help of the union ministry of environment and forest (MOEF) more than two years ago. They had used bioremediation techniques to clear the lake of silt to provide breathing space for marine life underwater.

However, the condition of the lake didn't improve, as drainage water and nallah water ended up mixing with the lake waters. Bhaiyasaheb Indise, the previous chairman of the civic standing committee raised the issue in the TMC house, claiming that a residential complex near the lake had been releasing its drainage water into the lake for the last one year and demanded that the pollution control board take strong action. However, pollution control department in-charge Mahisha Pradhan claimed that the responsibility to deal with the complex was that of the civic public works department.

Following the issue, the civic engineers began planning the cleaning work for the lake to free it of any pollution. Manohar Hirlekar, the executive engineer informed Thane Plus that the TMC plans on diverting the waste water and drainage water to free the lake of pollution. "The waters would be diverted to the nearby nallah, which joins Shivai Nagar," he said.

Hirlekar added that the engineers had already begun work on the project after getting the go-ahead from the TMC. "With the model Code of Conduct guidelines in place, we can only begin work on cleaning the lake after December," he concluded.


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