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Death Of Goats Due To Consumption Of Nitrate Dissolved Water: TNPCB  
Source:   The Hindu City   : Chennai Published On   21-10-2009  


The result of a study conducted by Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board TNPCB has attributed mass mortality of goats at Kunnathur near here during last month to consumption of nitrate dissolved water.

The incident occurred on September 21 when about 180 goats were killed under mysterious circumstances.

Official sources told on Tuesday that the water samples taken from the area was first analysed by the District Environmental Laboratory of TNPCB in Tirupur and its findings had been concurred by the Advanced Environmental Laboratory of the Board in Chennai a few days ago.

The report indicated that the samples contained nitrates much higher than the permissible levels of 45 milligram per litre of water.

According to the sources, salts containing high nitrate content have flowed into the open from an industrial unit situated in the region during the rain through the storm water drain.

Official sources said that the nitrate containing water went into the rumen of the animals and got combined with hemoglobin in the red blood cells to form methemoglobin.

“Since methemoglobin cannot transport oxygen efficiently to the animal tissues, it created nitrate toxicity causing death of goats,” TNPCB sources said.

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