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Brahmaputra Waters Show High Toxicity  
Source:   Water Pollution City   : Guwahati Published On   23-10-2009  


The tests conducted on the water samples collected from Kachari Ghat and Pandu Ghat before and after the immersion of the Durga idols have led to such conclusions, which at any rate may not bode well for the Guwahatians.

This is more serious, particularly for those who are dependent on the pipe water schemes of the Public Health Engineering PHE Department and the Guwahati Municipal Corporation GMC.

The tests conducted on the samples collected after the immersion showed decrease of around 18 per cent of dissolved oxygen, about 50 per cent increase in water turbidity, and significant increase in heavy metal contents like nickel and zinc, said a statement issued by the voluntary organization Help Earth, which conducted the above tests. The tests were carried out at the city-based laboratory Jalavikshan.

The immersion point at Kachari Ghat is close to the intake point of GMC and PWD water supply schemes. In fact, the intake points of these schemes are located in downstream areas of theimmersion point at Kachari Ghat in proximity.

But, it is noteworthy that the water treatment plants of the GMC and the PHE have no provision to remove the heavy metals from the water they are supplying to their consumers, said the voluntary organization quoting Nripendra Sarma of Jalavikshan.

The authorities may do away with such sources of contamination of drinking water by shifting the immersion point at Kachari Ghat to some downstream areas, said the voluntary organisation.

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