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Free Catchment Area Around Gomti Of Encroachment  
Source:   Times of India City   : Lucknow Published On   12-10-2009  


It would take more than just installing a sewage treatment plant (STP) to infuse a fresh lease of life into the dying Gomti. At least, in the opinion of Magsasay award winner, Rajendra Singh, popularly known as `water man of India'.

Singh, who was in the state capital on Sunday, said that instead of diverting the treated water back into the river, the water should be used for irrigation purpose. "It is not until the catchment area around the river is freed of encroachment that the river would limp back to life,'' Singh said while talking to reporters.

"Yeh nadiyon ki azadi ka masla hai... (it's a question of freedom of rivers),'' reiterated Singh. "There has to be some mechanism to provide adequate space to the river,'' said Rajendra Singh, a member of Ganga river basin authority.

The authority on October 5 decided to incorporate six more states making the total number of states responsible for the health of the Ganga to 11. Incidentally, Singh also happens to be a member of Jal Biradari, which has been protesting against Uttarakhand government's decision to channelise Ganga into tunnels to produce electricity.

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