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Navelim Residents Continue Battle To Save Polluted Saipem Lake  
Source:   Herald City   : Chennai Published On   04-11-2009  


If residents in Margao’s north zone are complaining of the Dovondem lake being polluted by sewage waters, activists continue their battle on the southern side of the city to save the once picturesque Saipem lake polluted by sewage waters.

Concerned citizens of Navelim have now asked the Margao Municipal Council on the action taken against the housing complexes in Colmorod ward – represented by Chairperson Savio Coutinho – which were directed by the Goa Pollution Control Board to stop discharge of sewage waters in the road side nullah connected to the lake.

Secretary of the Navelim Civic and Consumer Forum, Joseph Vaz drew attention of the Civic body that sewage continues to flow in the open drains into the Saipem lake.

Reminding the Civic body that the Novenas of Our Lady of Rosary Church, Navelim will commence shortly, Vaz said thousands of people travel on the road where the sewage is flowing. “The foul order emanating from this sewage flowing along the side of the road is creating nuisance and health hazard for the people visiting the Navelim Church from all parts of Goa for the novenas and feast and for all others traveling from Margao on NH17 towards the southern side”, he said and hoped the directions by the Pollution Control Board will be compiled immediately and the people spared from this health hazard and public nuisance.

Besides suggestion action to disconnect water supply and electricity, Vaz requested the Civic body to investigate how the four housing were given Occupancy certificates when the capacity of their Soak pits and septic tanks are less than required. “In the case of one complex, the STP is non-function able at all”, he said and called for action to penalize the builder involved and action against the officer responsible for clearing the project.

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