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Komla Tollem Converted Into Waste Dump!  
Source:   Herald City   : Chennai Published On   04-11-2009  


The once picturesque Komla Tollem (lake) in coastal Benaulim village is back in the news for the wrong reasons.

For, the water body – contrary to its historical past – is virtually in decay – thanks to utter neglect from the powers that be and the callousness by the authorities.

A visit to the lake on Wednesday brought out the worst fears. Stagnated waters, empty bottles and waste occupied a considerable part of the water body, indicating the indifference by the authorities to maintain the water body.

A little away, one saw water gushing inside the water body from an underground pipeline, bringing in gallons of waste water into the lake.
Locals say that all this has been going on day in and out, with the authorities turning a blind eye to the situation.

In fact, locals maintain that the water body has come in handy for unscrupulous elements and garbage contractors to dispose off their waste.

Benaulim Villagers Action Committee Chairperson, Geraldine Fernandes blamed the local panchayat body for the sorry state of affairs. “Komla Tollem is slowly decaying for want of action from the Panchayat body and other authorities. The water body has been converted into a waste dump. We have to save this water body”, she said.

Saying that no authority or agency has come forward to save the water body from extinction, Geraldine said the villagers would not allow the lake to die a natural death and save the water body for posterity.

When contacted, Sarpanch Carmelina Fernandes said the panchayat body has asked the land survey department for demarcation following complaints that a builder has encroached into the water body.

Though the Sarpanch says that the water body should be preserved, she, however, lamented that desilting works taken up in the past did not include the Komla Tollem.

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