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Online Automatic Filtration Systems
Do you process large quantities of raw water, say > 15 m3/hr and up to 1000 m3/hr?
Do you have cumbersome, massive, filtration systems?
Do you want to avoid long downtime for maintenance, complex and cumbersome procedures in maintenance? problems viz.. Mud balls, channeling effects, ineffective filtration, inefficient filtration, large backwash volume….
Are you looking for better filtration options / augmentation options?

We have answers.
AIMS provide direct on-line automatic self cleaning filtration systems in collaboration with world leaders in this field.  These filtration systems are ON LINE, do not occupy area, provide you tremendous savings in backwash waste, and provide sustained uniform output quality,  the control of which, can be decided by you.
Whether you wish to have 100 micron filtration or 1 micron filtration, we have answers.

Answers that are cost effective, that require very minimal O &M , that are robust and that save you money and resource during operations
Online Automatic Filtration Systems
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