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AIMS have been appointed as “authorized exclusive channel partner” to market “Toyota” make Ion Exchange Resins used for water treatment applications, under the trade name of “Agrion”
We have the entire gamut of resins for all your applications :
• Softner resin
• Strong acid cation resin
• Strong base anion resin
• Weak acid cation resin
• Weak base anion resin
TOYOTA resins have been proven to be of “one of the best quality” resins available in the market.  It comes with an excellent price and also with “take-back guarantee”*(subject to conditions). Delivery is another strong point, and we maintain stock at any point in time, of at least 5 ton.
And we at AIMS are always available to provide you with additional technical services (as and when required), including selection of resin, design of the system, costing of the system etc.. We can even supply you the entire plant.
Single source responsibility, Quality Assurance and accountability are the high value additions that you get when you buy our resins.
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